For Those Who Want to Make Money Legally Online And do Not Know Where To Turn To....

You (that's YOU) have a desperate problem you're trying to solve. You want to (insert emotional
problem here OR what they want to achieve).

So you go to Google or Bing or Yahoo! and you type in a number of search queries in an attempt to uncover a potential solution to your problem.

You spend ages clicking on results (paid and free). But all you find are badly written articles
surrounded by blocks of ads (it's called AdSense).

... or you find forced squeeze pages forcing you to give up your email address before you download the "free book" they're offering.

You really don't want to give your email to this person, because who knows, they might be a spammer and you don't want your email filled with loads of jargon.

But you really want to knwo what's inside this book so you bite the bullet and signup to one of these.

The "free book" ends up being nothing more than 100 pages of worthless stuff you already saw when you searched Google.

With a link at the end to some course you aren't even sure will work.

Following me so far? ... remember, YOUR problem still HAS NOT BEEN SOLVED.

You still want to {INSERT their BIGGEST DESIRE HERe)

You move on.

No way you're going to buy from that person.

Clearly they don't "get" you.

Next you land on a video squeeze page. But you can't watch the video until you opt-in.


So this time you enter in a bogus or email address.

The 45 minute "free presentation" turns out to be nothing more than a low-value drawn out sales
pitch for a $197 "magic pill" solution.

You're getting despondent (and angry) now.

Everyone seems so quick to SELL their solution to you. But you don't KNOW, LIKE, or TRUST any
of them (not yet anyway).

Not one has even attempted to "understand" you a little more deeply.

No empathy.

No rapport.

No relationship.

No jack shit.

You do one last search.

You land on a website.

And you found me. Yes ME.


The thing is I am COMPLETELY different from the rest.

I have been where you are, trying, searching for months, for answer, for a mentor.

And I found nothing. Nothing but people who simply wanted to take my money and scram.

So I decided to put things together myself.

I learnt bit by bit, pace by pace. It was slow, to  be honest, but then I FINALLY found someone that
actually knew what they were doing, someone that actually cared.

I found him/her through their training called {insert title of training here}

It's full of (amazing) content.

You read it.

It seems to PULL you along. It explains very quickly the different method you can use to relieve some of the emotional pain you're experiencing, and even more importantly get you the result you are salivating for.

You don't even need to try this technique to know that it'll work.

Once you start going through it, you will already feel as though you're moving closer to solving your problem.

And you are!

This guy/gal {name of author} knows their shit. It's crystal clear.

They "get" me. They will understand you too

No question about that.

He/She uses words and language that means something to you. You will feel a connection.

And above all, you will get to your final goal.

I want you to also find and experience this thing I have through {name of author}'s {title of training}

All you need to do is click the link below.

When you click that link, a form will pop up asking you to fill it.

Don't argue, just do it, and here's why.

Once you get this training, you will have questions,. plenty of questions, and you will need asnwers to them.

{name of author} is so busy he won't have time to attend to you. So you will be largely ignored. And it will annoy you. I mean it annoyed me at first.

Until I Understood.

That's why I have decided to answer all and any questions you have if you get the training, and how will I be in touch with you if I do not have your email address and phone.

I won't bug you like those other people, trust me.

I just want to help. Because you will need it.

So fill the form below now.

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