I Had Never Seen A House More Magnificent, More Breathtaking... or An Estate That Serene... And It Cost Him =N=50 Million Naira in 2013

“What do you think?” Oloye Akin Alabi asked.

I said, “You mean the house?”

“Yeah” he replied.

“Oh it’s wonderful, so many rooms, look at that TV screen, and the environment is amazing!”

Then he said, "Well, you haven’t seen the back yet. Go through the door at the side of the room and take a look."

See, I was there as one of the speakers at his seminar and Oloye had lodged me in his private suite at Limeridge Hotel. 

It was 5 minutes away from where he had just bought the house he was currently showing us, me and Efe Imiren, a mutual friend of ours.

Anyway, I opened the door and sure enough, there it was. You could see the sea line in the distance.

I took a deep breath and held the railing to steady myself. To say I was gobsmacked is an understatement. My mouth was literally hanging open.

“This is life,” I thought to myself, 

“You like it?” Akin asked.

“Like it?” I responded. “I LOVE IT...

This Is The Exact Kind of Life I Want To Live!

See I wasn’t doing badly at the time. 

I was doing okay. Making some =N=500,000 to =N=1 Million each month. At the time, I drove a 2005 Toyota Corolla Sport. Lived in a rented flat in FESTAC Town. Blissfully happy in my little world.

But that day, seeing that house, riding in his car, being in his company’s premises and seeing the activities happening there daily, permanently changed something deep inside me, making me want something completely new.

Something Totally Different

I wanted to live in that kind of place, to own that kind of house, drive his kind of cars, live the kind of charmed life he did.

I was not jealous or anything. I just saw new possibilities.

And I knew I could do it. I knew I had the information I needed to do.

What I lacked was someone who would challenge me to get off my ass and go do it.

So I Got to Work

Two years later... 

. . . I was living in my own house worth =N=70 million, inside a similar private estate.

. . . I was driving my own SUV.

. . . I ran my own company with my business partner, Toyin Omotoso, and we were bringing in over =N=80 million a year.

What Changed?

How did I go from making less than a million =N= on average to tens of millions within two years?

Two things.

First, I finally got serious with my own success.


Second, I mastered what I now call. . .

“Remote-Control” Money-Making and Marketing Secrets of the World’s Wealthiest Business People

You see, Akin had a secret. Every wealthy person you know does.

They have mastered how to take ideas and turn them into unlimited fortunes via marketing and sales.

There is not one billionaire business owner anywhere in the world who has not done this - that is their weapon of choice.

Akin used this secret to build a $100 million dollar sports betting company. Yes, one hundred million dollars.

Jason Njoku used it to build a movie entertainment behemoth that’s taken over the African continent.

I used it to build a digital marketing agency that generates billions in sales for clients and now a real estate marketing firm that's about to shoot into the stratosphere.

And so on and so forth.

And you can do it too, believe me.

Would You Like Some Money?

If you would like to learn the true secrets of the rich, (not some esoteric hocus-pocus that fills the pages of most motivational books), then you’re in for a wild ride.

I am about to hand over to you some of the best business, marketing and sales secrets you have ever been fortunate to come across.

Secrets that are responsible for generating...

Over =N=35 Billion in Sales
Every Single Year

And you know the best part?

These secrets are perfectly suited for people who are starting from scratch, people who are bootstrapping, people just like me and you.

Not only that, they are cheap and easy to copy, paste and profit from!

These secrets have not been easy to come by.

They have taken me the last 17 years of my life to gather. And it has been the hardest thing I have done in my life.

When I got started in business in 2003, there was no Facebook, no Twitter, no Instagram, no Snapchat, no Tik-Tok and no Clubhouse. Google was barely two years old. Amazon was still some 7 years old and YouTube wasn’t even a dream yet.

There were no ATM Machines anywhere in Nigeria, no internet banking and therefore no card.

We advertised on Overture.com (it’s folded up now), and the only way to buy anything online was to purchase a Virtual Credit Card and hope to God the stranger you sent the money to would respond.

Long story short, we had it bad.

But I had seen the future of this incredible thing called the internet and I knew that my future and fortunes lay in it, so I was determined to figure it out, no matter what it cost me.

Since then, I have spent millions of naira in learning from the best, and even millions of naira more in testing and fitting them into the Nigerian and African situation so they will work.

I have also spent hundreds of hours awake each year studying, refining, even to the detriment of my health which broke down and nearly killed me last year.

And Who Needs These Secrets?

You do if...

  • you are an affiliate marketer who wants to make more sales
  • you sell physical products via ecommerce and want to see an increase of 100%-500% in and sales leading you to order more products in order to meet demand
  • you have a furniture store, a restaurant, a gym, a car wash, laundromat or any small business you’d like to see swamped with buying customers
  • you are a marketing consultant who likes to keep up with new ideas and techniques so you can better serve your clients
  • you sell digital products and want to see higher conversions and sales
  • you are a Doctor, Dentist, chiropractor, Therapist, optometrist or any other kind of healthcare professional and you would like to see your waiting filled up and bursting with new patients, and without getting sanctioned by your regulator body.
  • you have a house or land to sell? 1,000 houses or 1,000 plots? Or is it a car you want to sell

These secrets work in any industry and for any market niche.

Secrets like…

  • How to get a product to sell and make millions with, if you don’t have a product already, and how to get it for nothing, without paying one kobo.
  • How we filled a brand new spa with 600 new paying customers on Opening Day. Want to open a new offline business outlet and don’t know how it’ll pan out? Worry no more. I got you.
  • Would you like to get a Celebrity movie and TV stars to endorse and help you sell your product? How about having them do it without collecting any money upfront?

    Think it’s impossible? Well, think again, because the Secret on Page will show you exactly how to make this happen for you.
  • One of the top real estate agents in Nigeria experimented a whole year to find a new simple secrets source of advertising for her business. Ever since then she mastered it, she has been #1 in Lagos and OWNS the market there. What is her secret advertising source? Most marketers never think of using it because conventional wisdom says not to. This one could be a real idea stimulator.
  • An American publisher uses the same one marketing tactic every time they launch a new newsletter (they have over 40 currently). Despite COVID wrecking on the world last year, they still managed to make over $200 million using this strategy.

    I started copying them in 2016 and the first time I did, I made over =N=11, just replicating what they were doing. I really should be copying them more often because their methods works like crazy.
  • A friend of mine has not created or imported any product himself for over two years now, yet last year alone, his company brought in over =N=40 million naira in profits. He is doing it by combining three different internet marketing methods (which you already know) in a totally unique way that I hardly ever see anyone at all use, except maybe I and Toyin Omotoso and a couple others. And we still don’t do it as well as he does it.

    Oh, you'd know his name if I told you. THAT is how well his secret works.
  • How to still make print newspaper advertising profitable in 2021 and exactly what to sell in there and which newspapers to use.
  • From the horse's mouth: How Akin Alabi and his wife built a $100 million dollar Sports betting company starting with =N=150,000. You can't build a betting company this way anymore in 2021, but I will show you 3 ideas that can use these strategies even today and go BIG!
  • My phone beeped. It was a WhatsApp message that said "Mr. Ronald, just wanted to say THANK YOU for your advice, encouragement and support over the years. I just finished building my own house in Lagos and packing in today, the 31st of December, 2020. I'd like to speak to you whenever you can make time for me. I want to double my revenue next year to =N=250 million.

    When I spoke to him, I was shocked to find that he had taken what I taught him in ECommerce four years back and created a twist that virtually guaranteed him success. If you sell physical products, you will NEVER see the business the same way again. And after learning what he does, you'll toss away everything you're doing and start using his tactic.
  • The simple marketing sequence I used to sell 88 plots of land in 3 weeks for a total of =N=176,000,000. yes that's one hundred and seventy-six million naira. You get the entire thing, including the EXACT sales materials.
  • You know those huge, massive mega-churches with 10,000 members in attendance every Sunday? Did you know there is one MAIN marketing strategy they use to do that? And it's NOT what anyone thinks. I seriously doubt if there's one person reading this who knows what this method is. Yet, it's something you might be able to apply to YOUR business or endeavor on a smaller scale.
  • My all-time BEST Top 10 business book list. I bet you've not heard of at least 8 of them before NOW.
  • The "round tripping"  advertising budget method we used to take our client NairaBET's customer base from 250,000 customers to 2 million in 2 years. You will get the exact blueprint in detail.
  • How a broke couple started their now popular real estate company from scratch using photocopied “flyers” (their billboards are all over the country now). The amazing thing is you can copy their exact strategy today. But you need to know the “tactic” they used.
  • Talking about flyers. How about I show you a secret way to write flyers that flood you with cash?
  • How to get the exact name, phone number and email address of thousands of people who would love to send you money.

There’s more. A lot more. including, My SECRET method for landing your dream job (if "working for a Boss” is your thing) in any company you fancy, even if you believe your father is a “nobody”.

And today. . .

I Want to Hand You These Secrets  

And why would I share them with you if they are so good? Why don't I hoard and keep them for myself?

In fact, I actually debated if I was going to let the cat out of the bag on some of these secrets. That's just how potent they are.

But I came to the following conclusions.

For starters, Why shouldn't I share this legacy? I really can't lose anything.

These secrets come from MANY different industries and the number of ways they can be applied are as varied as the letters of the alphabet. The chances any two people will use them in the same exact way are slim to none.

Secondly, if I don't share these secrets with you, someone else will offer you something else that’s less authentic, and mostly useless.

Trust me there are many useless money schemes and too many scoundrels parading themselves as gurus floating all over the internet. Some of the so-called “modern marketing” tripe they spew makes me want to vomit. 

So really, the ONLY way I have to prove that I am as good as people say I am at this business and marketing thing is to put out something that is so REAL, so practical, so unique and so rare, it stands out in the swampland of Internet hype.

Plus I am betting you'll love it so much you'll decide to become an affiliate for it and help me spread the word.

The more it is spread around, the more others can create their own fortunes from it and further spread it.

I've lived a charmed life and been so fortunate to meet and know incredible people, marketing minds and geniuses -- both in online marketing and many other businesses and have learnt so much I want to impart to others.

These are stories, secrets, things that could only come from me and my life.

They are the cream of the crop of everything I know. I'm proud to give them to you. And I'll be grateful if they not only help you in your business, group or organization but if you become an ambassador and help me spread the word in a grassroots way about this product.

Which is why I now invite you to get all of my secrets as one collection which I call...

Maximum Marketing Secrets: How to Out-Sell, Out-Market and Out-Compete Any Other Business In Your Niche

It comes as an instant download that you can start reading immediately, if you order it.

And that’s not all, no.

It also comes with an incredible bonus offer.

Here’s what it’s about.

You see, for the last couple of months (only punctuated by my ill health), I started a coaching program newsletter titled, “Ronald Mentoring”.

I charge =N=25,000 a year for it and the program comes with a monthly newsletter, an monthly interview with a business heavyweight who started from zero (business people with rich parents who sponsored them are not invited), and a series called “Business Breakdowns” where every month, I send you a video lesson, showing how to sell a particular product or service using the internet.

You will watch me and other invited guest teachers, break down each step and build it up.


We will be showing you how to sell stuff like:


Hair, cosmetics, real estate, affiliate products, perfumes, rentals, food, cakes and confectionaries, Agric products, Fashion and clothing, shoes, cars, cleaning services

- and much much more!

People who have read just the newsletters that come with the coaching program have said it’s an amazing program and they're correct. It is.

In fact, one of the members, Michael Manuwa used the secret I shared in the very first edition of the newsletter,

And Made Over =N=21 Million in 10 Weeks!

So why am I telling you about this coaching program? Well, for the first year, I will give you...

Access to the RONALD MENTORING Program Absolutely FREE of CHARGE...

if you grab a copy of my Ronald's Book of Business Wisdom and Marketing Secrets today.

So you will get 12 months access to my coaching program for FREE with your purchase, but you have to do it today.

The price for the collection of business wisdom and marketing secrets is =N=15,000.

And it’s easy to order.

Just click on the link below.

You’ll notice it says “you will be charged =N=15,000 yearly”. It’s like that to enable you to automatically continue with Ronald Mentoring after 12 months.

All you are paying right now is =N=15,000. 12 months from now if you are not interested in continuing receiving the RONALD MENTORING coaching and newsletters, you can easily cancel it at that time.

Access to the RONALD MENTORING Program Absolutely FREE of CHARGE... 

But, before buying it, realize:

There Are No Refunds

And All Sales Are Final.

I no longer cater to business people who need a guarantee to make decisions.

If that's a problem, simply don't buy it, and it's all good.

However, if you are merely a bit skeptical, want some “reassurance” the information inside this book volume is everything I say and more and want to know specifically how you will benefit in multiples of what you pay for it, here’s how...

Big Benefit One: Borrow these secrets and apply them to your business, team, organization, or online business for big response, profits or results. Why mess around with theoretical things that "might" work when you can borrow the "best of the best" of tested, proven methods?

Big Benefit Two: If you're starting from SCRATCH, then this book will help you see your way much clearer. You'll have a big picture. It's easier to get started and build something if you know exactly where you're going and what will get you there. I'll share with you a very simple but profound way people use to grow businesses up to =N=20 million -- and even beyond.

Big Benefit Three: You'll get secrets used in other industries that are NOT used in your industry, field, group or organization. Any way you want to look at it, you can’t help but agree this gives you an advantage.

Big Benefit Four: You'll get references to books you can read for further research, where applicable. Some of my secrets have books "behind" them.

There aren't a lot but the ones I refer to are worth their weight in gold and, for the most part, aren't commonly known. Some are virtually unheard of.

Big Benefit Five: Instead of having to read 3,000+ books, stay awake another 3000 sleepless nights to discover these secrets yourself while spending millions of naira and 17+ years networking, testing and refining, you can just borrow my cream of the crop secrets I've discovered over 17+ years.

Big Benefit Six: I didn't hire someone else you never heard of to write this for me. I wrote it myself, thank you very much. What I'm saying is, this isn't a collection of articles someone grabbed randomly off a Google search and re-writing them. This is me sharing what I've learned in a lifetime. In short, what you get is NOT re-hashed, regurgitated, warmed over drivel. It's fresh, original ideas and thinking.

Big Benefit Seven: There will be a PRINT version, not sure when but it will be available before the end of the year. You'll get it for FREE with just a small shipping fee when it is available. 

I am making the PRINT version available in case you, like me, love the feeling of picking up a book, flipping through it’s pages by hand, and reading it leisurely, while marking it up with a pen or highlighter. Doing that causes my brain to "kick in." If you're the same, then you'll love the print edition when it arrives.

There Are a Total of
16 SECRETS in this Book

Let's say that you pick out the 10 best secrets that are most applicable to you and your situation right now. You apply them the best you can. Five work a little but nothing great. Three are really good. Two are blockbuster successes.

What could that mean to you? If it were only an AVERAGE per each of the 10 secrets of =N=500,000 each, that would be a total of =N=5,000,000 in value. Cut it in half and it's still =N=2,500,000 of value.

Let's say that over the next 2 years each secret was worth a modest figure like =N=100,000 to you.

That would be =N=3,200,000 of value.

Or let's say you use only 1 secret per month for the next year. And let's say each secret only makes you a ridiculously small amount of =N=50,000, given only a modest effort. In 12 months, that's still =N=800,000 or =N=1,600,000 in 2 years.

Stated differently, if I just wrote a cheque of =N=1,600,000 and handed it over to you, would you turn it down?

All right, enough of the chit-chat.

Click the link below to buy “Maximum Marketing Secrets” today.

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