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Dear Friend and Subscriber,

If you sell something, anything online and you'd like to increase your sales and closing rate by 50%, 100%, 300%, 500%, even 1,000%, then here's my advice:

Read Every Word on This Page Carefully,
Because It's the Answer to Your Prayers.

Here's why.

My name is Ronald Nzimora and I have sold online for the last 18 years,

I have literally made every penny that came into my life by selling things online.

Yes, every penny.

I started in 2003, and back then there was...

  • No Facebook
  • No Twitter
  • No Instagram
  • No Instagram
  • No Google ads

There was also...

  • No ATM machines anywhere in the country
  • No ATM cards

Heck there was only two cybercafes in all of Festac where I lived at the time and access was expensive!

My point is, it was hard, damn hard.

The first couple of years I failed miserably, not that I didn't have any success, I did, but it came in slow, like a drip given to a sick person in hospital.

But gradually, I figured things out, and...

In 2010, Things Exploded

I had broken the dam so to say, I finally knew how to put together the different parts of a marketing and sales process that gushed money nonstop from any marketplace like a broken water pipe.

Here are some mind blowing results we have gotten since then.

DayStar Church/Success Power International - took them from zero online sales to ₦36 million naira each month online.

1960Bet - Started a new email marketing program for them which created an additional ₦5 billion in revenue per years, from just email.

NairaBET - Created 2 million brand new users with over 35% active. This means that 750,000 of them were placing a bet EVERY SINGLE DAY. The first year, their revenues topped over ₦23 billion naira.

ThisDay Newspapers -Helped them set up ThisDay Money, a paid subscription financial service.

SADC (Success Attitude Development Centre) - This is my mentor's NGO which publishes the business newspaper, Success Digest, One sales letter I did for them was doing revenues of ₦25 million every single time they published it.

Currently, all our clients sell a combined =N=35 billion naira worth of products and services each year.

That's not all,

We have helped our clients sell products and services such as: spas, security equipment, auto parts, health supplements, education, sports, fashion and apparel, lifestyle services, travel, and more.

Yes, every single year.

The long and short of it is this: if I can help them make billions of profit, I can help you make millions or tens of millions, even hundreds of millions in profit too.

Here are people like you who I have helped do exactly what I will help you do:

Osaro Destiny

I met Osaro when he was 16 years old. Within 6 years, using what I have worked with him over the years, he's built a business that on track to generate ₦1 billion this year and owns a fleet of cars, and houses in Lagos, Benin-City his hometown, and Dubai where he currently lives while running his Nigerian based business.

Jonathan Melody

Jonathan came for my event in 2016 as a gym guy who was making around $150 a month selling graphic design services on Twitter.

Now he does ₦50 million naira a year in sales every year and just launched what I am certain will be a billion naira business called LazyCOM.

Victory Akpomedaye

Victory is one of Nigeria internet star boys. 

He was a programmer who I met in 2012, and the salesletters I did for him that year selling his Bulk SMS franchise websites set him off on the path to fame and riches.

Today Victory is one of the top product vendors on JVZoo generating sales of over a million dollars every year.

Billion Obi

Billion is a mini-celebrity in Nollywood as a Film Director who has worked with Multichoice, Iroko TV, Film House etc, directing some of the industry's top movies, but he wanted more.

I started working with him in 2020 and since then he's done over ₦40 million naira in sales
selling his information products and according to him, life couldn't be better even as he pursues more.

They are by no means the ones ones. I would do a list but them they would be in the thousands., so let me not bore you with the success stories.


Here's the Sober Truth

As an owner, if you think business is tough right now, the truth is, it will get tougher.

Because... more and more people will enter your business space and they will become your competitors.

They will copy your products, copy your suppliers, drive down your prices in order to gain an advantage and more.

Even if you're an affiliate, you won't escape this too. The people you sell to will sell the same thing you sold to them to other people; you will compete for the same dwindling pool of prospects and in the same spaces, as they copy your ads and promos.

The only way to get and stay ahead, is to learn... 

How to Create Marketing and Sales Systems 

that Are Unique to Only You

That's where I and my team come in.

I want to show you how to build marketing systems that not only stand you out of the many, but ones which are also profitable on an ongoing basis and even more importantly are scalable.

This means that you can go from making 10 sales to 100 sales and then to 1,000 sales without increasing your work load.

That's why I created the...

High-Level Selling Mentorship Program

This is a 5-Day cohort-based 1-on-1 immersion program where I will work with you to create an indestructible and evergreen marketing and sales system for your business, whether you are a product owner or affiliate.

Here's what you learn in these 5 weeks:

Week 1 - High-Level Copywriting and Content Creation

You will learn:

  • How to write words that sell, even if you HATE writing, failed WAEC English 
  • How to find all the content to use for your marketing needs, without ever opening a copywriting book ever.
  • How to go from no idea to PRO marketing content in hours. Yes I guarantee that.
  • and much more

Week 2 - Mafia Offers

We created several offers that took our client NairaBET to the top of the industry and kept them there for years.

On Day 2, you will learn

  • How to create what I call, "Mafia offers" people can't say "NO" to.
  • How to make your prospects stand in line and BEG you to take their money.
  • Why copying offers you see is the wrong way and how to create incredible mouth-watering juicy offers that sell your products like water in the dry desert
  •  How we created an offer that put over ₦3 billion naira in profit in a client' s bank account every year that it ran (you get the full breakdown)

Week 3 - Genius Webinars

I did a webinar last year that generated ₦147 Million in sales in 3 months (January 11 2021 - April 10, 2022.

I want to transplant from my brain to yours how to engineer a webinar funnel like that too.

On Day 2, you will learn:

  • The mastery of mass persuasion and sales conversion using automated or LIVE webinars
  • How to stop selling one-to-one and start selling one-to-many
  • How to write jaw-dropping webinar scripts, assemble and record them  in a few hours, 
  • How to record, edit and produce your high converting webinar, without pulling out your teeth with pliers.
  • My exact "hybrid" webinar funnel that combines Email + Whatsapp and crushes it in sales with amazing effect. No more suffering to respond to people one by one who still won't buy. Now sales happens in the minutes.
  • All the tools - software, templates, checklists - will be provided to you

Week 4 - Traffic Automation

Lead generation is the life blood of any business.

You will learn how to:

  • Turn on the traffic tap for any source - Google, Facebook, Instagram, newspapers and get a rush of highly targeted and highly qualified leads.
  • How to pinpoint the exact people who are interested in what you have for sale and make them look in your direction. (this is the BIG difference between selling to 10 people or selling to 100.)
  • How to sieve out serious buyers from tire-kicking looky-loos who are only window shopping and not interested in buying
  • And much much more.

Week 5 - Sales Closing Techniques

This is probably the highlight of this cohort program. 

You will become a devastating "killer" with sales, especially 1-on-1 sales, literally becoming a fearless, unstoppable force of nature.

You will become a master of:

  • How to create a mini-call centre with your phone, and no other tools
  • How to find the exact people who are looking to buy what you are selling and get them to actually find you, while ignoring others. 
  • How to turn "NO"s into "YES"es and sell 10x more products or services or any kind, at any price point.
  • The EXACT sales scripts we give our clients that make sales rain heavily for them. You get specific scripts for selling either digital courses or physical products.

And so much more!

At the End of 5 Weeks,
You Will Have...

- Several adverts targeting different angles and segments of your market.

- A genius webinar scripted out, and recorded to pin-point perfection.

- A mafia offer that will have people lining up and begging you to "take my money now!"

- Your high-converting funnel mapped out, created and ready to start taking orders, complete with email follow-up and WhatsApp funnels.

- The exact traffic sources you should be using and the ones not to ever bother about again.


- Closing tactics and strategies that stay with you for life, generating unlimited sales.

Now Before We Go Further... This Is Who
High-Level Selling Mentorship Is For...

It is for you ONLY IF:

  1. 1
    - You are an affiliate marketer, an ecommerce vendor or an info product owner. What this means is, you are CURRENTLY driving an internet business model online.
  2. 2
    - You are already doing some form of marketing, that is, you are running adverts, or doing SEO, or engaging in some form of activity that is generating leads and brining in some income, and...
  3. 3
    - You are already making some money and want to make more money, because you know you should, and that you can if you know exactly how to make it happen, and you are not averse to doing investing some of the money you already earn to make it happen. 

If none of the above points describe you, it means this cohort is not a good fit and your time is best spent doing something else, somewhere else that is not here.

But if you think you qualify,

Here's How The
High-Level Selling Mentorship
Will Work For Your Benefit

Every week, I will teach ONE class, where I will breakdown every aspect of the week's topic as described above.

At the end of each class, there will be an assignment personalized each person. Each participant will complete, submit and I will review and correct as the case may be.

Then at the end of each week, we will meet again as a group for a Question and Answer session about the week's class.

As you can imagine, this will require substantial 1-on-1 time on my part for 5 weeks. Because of that I can only take a limited number of enrollees in this cohort.

Which is why...

There are only 20 19 Spots Available!

This first cohort has a hard limit of just 20 persons.

One spot is already taken, this means there are only 19 spots left.

It'll be on a first-pay-first entry basis, and will close once we hit the number.

This is so we can work closely 1-on-1 with each person during these 5 weeks to create their personalized marketing systems.

Enrolling For
High-Level Selling Mentorship
Will Cost You...

An enrollment fee of 


Broken down, that is a mere ₦40,000 per class per week, or just ₦547 if you divide it over the next 365 days which is one year.

However, if you sign up before or by July 7th, 2022, you will get a 25% discount off and only have to register with a fee of ₦150,000 only.

The classes start on July 10th, 2022.

To register, click the link below.

After your registration is complete, you will receive an email from me and then afterwards, a phone call directly from me with further information.

I look forward to seeing and working with you.

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