Announcing: The ECommerce Profit Workshop

"How To Build An Insanely Profitable Business Online Selling Physical Products on YouTube, Facebook, Google, Instagram, and Twitter... Even Offline" 

Dear Friend,

Over 7 days in September, I want to show you how to build a hugely profit ecommerce business using the internet.

And while I can write a long salesletter telling you how hugely profitable ecommerce can be for you (btw, many of my students do anywhere from =N=20 million a year to one of them doing as high as =N=223 million last year), I suspect you already know that.

So let me not bore you with that because I am certain you must have heard the rumours (they're true) and want to jump in,.

You may have even tried it yourself, and have mixed success but know it could be better if you know how to really figure things out (this is true too.)

So what I want to do here is to not waste your time by...

Going Straight to the Point

I am putting on a training session for 10 days starting from September 5th - September 15th 2021.

During this training I will share with you the nuts and bolts of building a super-successful ecommerce business from scratch.

And yes, I have done it before. Many times in fact,

Let me tell you one story.

It Starts in 2012

Back in 2012, I was selling an ebook called "Stretch Marks Gone" (I can't find the e-cover any longer, I would have shown it to you here).

The ebook was only 11 short pages, and consisted of a piece of information I had found on Nairaland (jeez, I just checked and it's still there).

It consisted of some fruits they could eat and some herbs and at the end, the information said, if they wanted faster results that they should buy one particular local cream which would clear the stretch marks in less than a month. 

The information also had a phone number to call to buy the soap.

When I created the ebook, I transfered everything verbatim, especially that phone number and spiced it up with some more information I got from Google.

Anyway, I was selling this ebook and every week I would sell around 10-15 copies, for =N=3,500. It was making me over =N=100,000 a month this ebook, one of the about 10 I was selling that period. 

And I spent less than 1 hour a week doing customer support.

But that was not the surprising thing. You know what was surprising?

It was What The Buyers Were Asking Me
AFTER They Bought and Read the Ebook

They were calling me to tell me that the phone number to buy the cream which I had put in my ebook was not going through.

I was blown away!

This cream cost =N=10,000, it was right there in the article I have rewritten,, and my ebook was =N=3,500.

I was so shocked that people who had already paid for my ebook were willing to pay 3 TIMES MORE for a cream that would help them do the same thing the ebook had already shown them how to do.

It opened my eyes to a secret that day, and that secret is...

Instant Results!

People don't want to spend a lot of time solving their problems.

That day, I also learnt they don’t want to read a book to solve it either, ESPECIALLY if there is a physical product that can get them the same result faster!

So what did I do next?

Well, I called the phone number and yes indeed, it was not going through. Then I spent one hour trawling Nairaland trying to see if I could connect to the original poster of the method and find out if he had another number for the cream seller.

One hour into doing this..

I Had My Second Brain Awakening!

My inner mind tapped me on the shoulder and whispered into my ear saying…, “Ronald, why are you spending time looking for someone’s number so that they will sell a product to YOUR CUSTOMERS and make money they will not share with you? Are you... are you... are you okay?”

Okay the  "are you normal?" part didn’t exactly go like that but you get my drift.

So I decided to go online myself and search for a stretch mark product.

I knew about Alibaba but I had not used it before, and I was a little intimidated, but I searched for “stretch mark cream”.

That's When I Found this Product Below

When I read the description, I found it to my satisfaction and I was convinced they would love it. And indeed, Pasjel was my lucky star. You know how you do something for the first time and it just clicks.

I was importing it, landing here for around $3 or ₦450 for each box, then the exchange rate was around ₦150 per dollar.

So how much did I sell it for?

You guess right. I sold it for ₦10,000, the same amount they were willing to buy the local one.

Yes, we were buying and importing it for ₦450 and selling it for ₦10,000 each.

When you remove custom duty of around ₦150, another ₦200 for ads to sell each, and local shipping cost of about ₦1,000 per order, our profits came to…

₦8,200 On Each Box

And boy, did we sell out!

The 100 I brought in was gone in 3 weeks, I had to bring in 500 next. Over the next year and half we sold over 3,000 boxes of Pasjel.

I was literally swimming in money.

I moved to Lekki, got a house, a car, the works!

Since then I have taught hundreds of people who make money doing this form of online business

Like Osaro Destiny who does over ₦100 Million a year. He even built his own house. He sells health supplements.

Like Njimogu Victor who did ₦25 million in sales his first year. First time I met Victor was when he attended my ecommerce training in 2018. Guess what he was doing then? He was selling bread!

Yes, bread.

Like Ayoola Dagunduro who made ₦223 Million selling his automatic tire pump on Facebook.

And a lot more of them. A whole lot more.

Now It's Your Turn

I want to show you how you can achieve the same kind of results Osaro, Destiny, Ayoola, and the many others have achieved.

And no, I will not promise you that you will not make as much as they have in your first year, but I believe you can achieve 10% - 30% of their results and then grow from there.

Because, I will teach you strategies like:

  • The ONE BIG THING (if you miss it) why you will fail miserably at ecommerce, no matter how many times you try, and how to overcome this
  • How to decide who to sell to online. This is crucial and will either make you or break you.
  • How to find a best-selling product to sell that can rake in millions for you. Just like I found Pasjel in 2012, I will even give you a list of best selling products to choose from that I already found.
  • How to advertise products Facebook and Google hate, WITHOUT GETTING BANNED, and still rake in cash on both platforms undetected like an undercover agent/spy.
  • How to sleep soundly like an overfed baby at night, despite using “Payment on Delivery”, the preferred method customers love but which many sellers hate. (they hate it because they don’t know how to make it work. I will show you all the secrets.)
  • The ONE secret tool that can triple, even quadruple your ecommerce profits, without you ever needing to spend one extra kobo on advertising. This tool blew my mind when I found it.
  • How to increase your profits by spending as low as you can on shipping.
  • How to run your  ecommerce business successfully, EVEN IF you work 9 -5 and can't even spare one hour per day.
  • How to create a buying rush around your products, so that you sell out every single time.
  • How to make a ton from ecommerce without ever importing one single product from abroad. Others will do the hard work, bring in the products, pay the custom duties, while you sell and cash out.
  • The FULL GIST about Pasjel - how we sold it, the “mistake” we made that didn’t allow it to make us over =N=100 million (it only did around =N=20 million in profits) and the real why we eventually stopped selling it (it’s not what most people think or say).
  • How to advertise your products on Facebook, Instagram, Google and Whatsapp for cheap!
  • And so much much more!

That’s not all.

I will also bring Osaro Destiny, Victor Njimogu and Ayoola Dagunduro to come and teach you.

I call them...

The Three Musketeers

Photo: Osaro Destiny, Victor Njimogiu and Ayoola Dagunduro

And they will be available to teach you. You will be able to talk to them and ask them questions directly.

So Here’s How the Timetable
For the Training Will Go

Day 1: The E-Commerce Profit Mindset - Everything Rises and Falls on How You Start Mentally

Day 2: Market Research - How to Find Your Target Market + Product Idea and Market Fit Brainstorming

Day 3: Product Sourcing - How to use Alibaba, Global sources, Made-in-China, 1688 and Others to Find  Hot Selling Products  for that Market.

On this day also, I will have Osaro Destiny LIVE.

Day 4: Product Listing - The Proper Way to Set Up Your Online Sales Channels

Day 5: Marketing Day - Learn how to Craft Offers, Writes Adverts and Create Sales Content that Make Your Product a Runaway Bestseller. 

On this day also, I will have Victor Njimogu LIVE.

Day 6: Deliveries and Shipments: You will learn how we handle deliveries and cut waste while others cry about "pay on delivery."

Day 7: Case Study of Our Brand New Ecommerce Business - We dissect and lay everything bare!

On this day also, I will have Ayoola Dagunduro LIVE.

Are you loving it already?!

But Wait, There's More!

I don’t want you to attend this training and after it ends, you now have to start creating everything again from scratch, no.

So what I have done is prepare some materials I know you will need to make this a success, and I am handing them to you for FREE at the end of the Training.

Here they are:

Free Bonus Material #1: Fill-in-the-Blanks Facebook, Instagram and Google Ad Templates

There are ads already structured for Facebook, Google and Instagram. Just add details about your own product and bam, you have yourself a winning advert. No thinking, no cracking of the head. 

Free Bonus Material #2: Fill-in-the-Blanks Product Salesletter Template

This is what you will use to write the description of your products in a way and style that makes people buy now.

You will be able to use it to promote any kind of ecommerce product you please and it will create sales.

As you probably already know, I charge our corporate clients ₦5 million for one sales letter I create. If I was selling this template, it won’t go for anything less than ₦100,000, but here you get it ABSOLUTELY FREE.

Free Bonus Material #3: Website Page Builder Software

You want to make sure your web pages for your product are well organized, formatted and presented professionally, otherwise it will cost you a ton of sales.

That's why I am also going to give you a piece of software you can easily use to create beautiful webpages that help you easily sell.

That's not all however. Yes, hold on, I’m not done yet.

I still want to give you something extra. You can call it...


I want to make this so tantalizing for you that you will be crazy not to participate in this training, so here’s the deal.

You see, over the last four months, I and a dear Friend of mine who I can’t mention his name now (hint: he’s a Politician) are starting a new ecommerce business together. We were not going to say anything about it, but I have his person to REVEAL it to you guys in this training

I will tell you what the product is. I will lay out for you, step by step, how and where (the manufacturing company) we are sourcing the product from.

I will also reveal how we plan to market it.

In fact, by the time I am done, you will have in your hands and inside your head, the exact blueprint for an ecommerce business that can make you extremely wealthy.

Our Goal is To Make
With This Product, In 18 Months

We have the plan, we have the strategy, we will make it happen. And I will show it all to you.

Are you liking this so far?

I would too if I were you. In fact, as I write this, I am literally shaking with excitement and it is my event!

Alright, It's Decision Time

"Make or break" time. The time when the decision you take next will either "make" you happy in a few months time, or break you full of regrets.

Which do you want?


Are you in or out?

If you want to continue doing what you are doing, I understand.

If however, you see the promise and profit in this and you want to jump on the training, I have made the entry fee really cheap for you. 

All you need is ₦15,000 and you are in.

Yes, for just =N=2,142 per day, for each of the seven days.

I believe I am basically throwing it away, because I have done this same training for =N=350,000 per head before.

And many of those who attended that session are doing well right now.

So yes it is an insane bargain you should run, not walk to take advantage of NOW.

Note however...

This Is "Early Bird" Pricing

It is and only valid BEFORE the training starts. 

Once the date clocks the 3rd of September, this Early Bird price for the Training will end and the price will triple and sell for ₦30,000.


Because we will be doing a lot of on-boarding for attendees. And I am doing it ALONE, for now.

I want to make sure I do not take on much more than I can chew and more importantly have enough time to complete all the necessary training materials and the on-boarding schedule.

So take advantage of this opportunity now while it’s still here.  Click below to order now.


will be live on the 3rd of September, 2021

See you in the class. I trust you will be there.

Ronald Nzimora.

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