How To Get An UNFAIR INSIDERS CHEAT CODE That WILL INCREASE Your Sales on EXPERTNAIRE by 200% - 500% And Lead You to Become an Elite Affiliate Marketer

I'll keep this short, sweet and straight to the point.

My name is Ronald Nzimora and if you have followed me on social media for any length of time, you already know stuff I am made of.

I sell =N=35 billion in products and services every year for clients, I am a 3-time best selling author, I live in an exclusive private gated, drive top of the range vehicles, etc.

Let me not bore you with all of that. After all, you aren't here for me. You are here for YOU - to learn how you too can become like us - make shit ton of money so you can live the dream life.

Ah the life, and yes it is possible. I have tasted it, and it is good. You too can.

But you need money...

Lots Of It 

And you can get it..

You probably are already getting some. Now I am here to show you how you can get more, a lot more, through Expertnaire.

There are two groups of people reading this page right now.

Group 1 - You are new to Affiliate Marketing, have heard lots of good things about and want to get started with the platform.

Group 2 - You have registered on Expertnaire but you haven't made any sales yet or maybe you have but it's trickling in slowly, and you want it gushing like a broken water pipe.

Group 3 - You are established on Expertnaire. Every month you make some =N=500,000 to over =N=1 million in some months. You KNOW it can be a lot better and you want it to.

Whichever group you're in, I can help you in a lot of ways, because you see...

I Have An Advantage on Expertnaire You Don't Have (And Likely Never Will)

My business partner owns it. We work from the same office EVERYDAY and have long talks about the platform.

I am privy to the sales figures.

And I contribute a lot of ideas to it.

I know things about the site that you will never on your own know in 100 years, secrets you can use to dramatically increase your earnings.

Things like...

  • The best converting offers on the platform (most of you think it's the 72IG course. HINT: it's not.)
  • The best times of the year to promote certain products on Expertnaire and when to ignore others
  • Why some of the products with the highest commissions don't necessarily earn you the most amounts of money.

And I know exactly how to use those insider secrets to engineer a flow of daily sales for you on the Expertnaire platform.

So what I want to do is take you on a 3-Day intensive training on how to make bank with Expertnaire using these secrets.

I call it...

The Expertnaire MASTERY Class

Here's what you will learn in these 3 days.

  • The top 7 highest converting offers on the Expertnaire platform. If you have ever heard 80/20 Pareto Rule, you'll understand why you MUST focus on ONLY these products and ignore the rest.
  • The =N=20 Million naira a year Expertnaire Income Blueprint. I created this blueprint for myself, but I am too busy to implement or use it as I am engaged with other things, so I am handing it over to you.
  • How to make your first Expertnaire sale, if you are starting from scratch.
  • How to create 6 figure promotion, with one eye closed. I will show you how to knock out presells, emails, social media/WhatsApp posts that grow your sales like fertilizers added to soil.
  • How to create super-profitable Google and Youtube ads. forget the bitches at Facebook. Google (which also owns Youtube) is where all the action is right now. And guess what? The competition there is almost ZERO.
  • The 1-Page "100 Sales A Week" flyer script that oozes sales. Even if this is the only tactic you learn from this, it will be enough. And yes, you will get this script.

But, that's not all because, you also get... 

The EXPERTNAIRE Profit Toolkit

Here's what it contains:

- 7 Expertnaire Ready-to-GO Funnels 

You will be getting DONE-FOR-YOU funnel page templates for the top 7 highest converting products on the Expertnaire platform.

Everything is done and written - presell pages, the

- 7 Adverts for EACH high converting product for Google 

- 7 Adverts for EACH high converting product for Facebook (if you want to use them too)

- 7 flyer templates for offline advertising (I will show you how to make this work like Gangbusters for an investment of less than =N=20,000 a month)

I'm Not Done Yet.

In addition to all of this. you get training from me from two of my proteges, Michael Addit and Ademiluyi Adegboyega who have made it their business to understand how to make Instagram and Google pay. you serious cash

These guys are MEGA-SERIOUs hotshots in their fields of expertise.

Let me briefly describe for you what it is what they do.

Michael Addit

Ademiluyi Adegboyega

Michael Addit, who I also call Jide, is an Instagram Expert. If you have ever wanted to master Instagram, there is no one better who can teach it to you in Nigeria.

No one.

He charges $5,000 for a full day session, and I am brining him him to teach you FOR FREE.

Same thing with Ade. Ademiluyi is MY personal Google Ads expert and he will show you how to run ads on Google and YouTube that make money on steroids.

Those two platforms have literally zero competition unlike Facebook, and they cost a lot cheaper too.

But wait...

One More Bonus

You get DIRECT CONSULTATION with me to improve your offers and conversions with Expertnaire.

I make bold to say that if you want to succeed with Expertnaire, get on this training today. 

It will pay off in multiples. And you will start seeing results you love in mere weeks.

Here's How To Join the Class

If you'd like to join me this Training, it's simple, choose one of the options below:

Option #1: 
Choose this if you are BRAND NEW to Expertnaire

Because this will be your first time on the Expertnaire, you will need to register. And the best way to register on Expertnaire is the 72IG course. This is the course created by the owners of Expertnaire which will teach you the basics of the Expertnaire platform and how to use it.

TO join my class and get everything I explained above, then just buy the 72 IG course by clicking the BLUE button below.

I don't want you spending any more money that necessary because you still need to join Expertnaire anyway. So buy the 72IG course and then send an email to: so we can enroll you in my training FOR FREE.

NOTE: Don't send an email until you have bought the course. We will crosscheck.

Option #2: 
Use this if you bought my Maximum Marketing Manual 

If you bought my Maximum Marketing manual, you get a discount, I will discount. the cost of the manual. IT sold for =N=15,000.

So if you bought it, use this option to get your discount to join this class by clicking on the GREEN button below.

NOTE: We will crosscheck anyone who takes this option against our in-house list of those who bought the manual.
If you did not buy it and you use this option, you will NOT BE ENROLLED in the training and you will NOT BE REFUNDED TOO. Do not be tempted to cheat.

Option #3: 
Use if you are in Expertnaire and you do not have a copy of the Maximum Marketing Secrets manual.

This is your best option because you will be not just be enrolled into my training, you will also get a copy of the Maximum Marketing Secrets manual with this option.

I look forward to seeing you in the class.

Choose your preferred option above and let's rock!

Talk soon,

Ronald Nzimora

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