WhatsApp Is NOT Dead, But… 

It’s Stopping You From Making The Money You Truly Deserve

Here’s what you MUST do if you want to change the game in your favour!


If you’re reading this, and you are using WhatsApp for your marketing - that is, you’re using it to do follow-up with leads and prospects and then close sales, I know three things about you and your relationship with WhatsApp.

Number 1: WhatsApp used to be fun when you first started with it, but not any more.

These days it stresses the f**k out of your life.

Every time you remember you have to respond to your WhatsApp messages your heart skips a beat and tightens a little with fear.

But you go ahead to do it, because after all you must eat. And it will produce some money… and that is the problem.

Number 2: WhatsApp used to make you money, a lot of money. but today, not as much as it used to.

It may have made you hundreds of thousands, some millions, even tens of millions, but now you’re stuck.

Your income is NOT growing, no matter how hard you try.

You bought even more phone lines, yet nothing changed. Okay, something changed - every time you hire someone and teach them to close your sales for you, they end up quitting to become your competitor.

And why not?

Why should they take your ₦50,000 or ₦100,000 a month salary when they helped you close over ₦1 million last month. And when they know they can register on the same affiliate platform you’re on, close the sales FOR THEMSELVES and keep all the earnings?

See? It’s common sense.

Number 3: You want to Dump WhatsApp, but You Are Afraid of What will happen if you do

And I totally understand.

Dumping WhatsApp without an alternative way to market and follow up is like being in a boat in the middle of the sea and then setting the boat on fire.

Truth is, You’ve got to eat. The stomach dictates behaviour, and that’s why you’ve continued using WhatsApp, as long as it’s still getting you some results.

Here’s the thing. . .

WhatsApp is NOT Built
for Marketing Purposes

This is self-evident in so many ways.

ONE: They limit groups to just 256 people per group, maximum.

The only option is to have people save your number as a contact and then you can message them.

And that’s what you’ve been doing, right?


But it creates another issue because now.

TWO: The more people save your number as a contact, the harder it becomes to manage them.

Let’s say you have 5,000 or more contacts, here’s what is happening right now.

Here’s What's Happening Right NOW!

  • Your phone starts hanging from too much memory usage, meaning it takes a long time for messages to load up.
  • Saved contacts and messages get wiped out automatically, due to the phone heating up from long hard periodic use, rendering all your hard work useless.
  • And most of the people whose numbers are still stored on your WhatsApp don’t even respond to your broadcasts or view your status anytime you post. (Oh yes, those brilliant marketers lied to you when they told you WhatsApp gets a 98% open rate.)

THREE: The worst part is:

All of this is extremely time consuming.

You are spending over 10 hours everyday, sometimes more, many times staying awake late into the night, just responding to messages, barely having the time to do nothing else.

And. . .

FOUR: When you try to figure out a way around the restrictions,

Your Number Gets BANNED!

Because WhatsApp works straight on people’s phones, and Facebook/Meta (which owns it) is reluctant to open it up to marketers because of abuse and SPAM which will invite lawsuits from users that might cost them millions.

Now you have to start afresh, with a new phone number, and new leads. 

And I know that all of this is making you miserable, confused and you even want to quit and give up at times when the pressure is too much.

It's a mess, a huge mess you should be looking for a way to get away from.

The good news on this page however is. . .

I Know EXACTLY What You Should Be Using. . . Instead of WhatsApp

And that thing is email marketing, specifically - starting an email list newsletter.

Why email marketing?

  1. 1
    There are 4 billion daily email users around the world (out of 7 billion human beings, that's more than half who use email EVERYDAY).
  2. 2
    More than 306 billion emails are sent and received each day.
  3. 3
    Email marketing revenue is estimated to reach almost $11 billion by the end of 2023.
  4. 4
    81% of marketers say their most used form of content marketing is email newsletters.
  5. 5
    Every day, 99 percent of email users check their inbox, with some checking up to 20 times each day. Of those that check, 58 percent of them read their email first thing in the morning.

These are not something I made up, no. These are numbers and data supplied by email marketing software and data collection companies, so you know it is 100% legit.

Another reason I know it’s all true is because. . .

I Have Used Email for the

Last 10 Years

And it’s made me hundreds of millions of naira.

I don’t use WhatsApp. Heck I hardly ever open the app. I have messages from 2020 still unread there.

I prefer to use email for all of my marketing purposes and here’s why:

1. Email marketing is automatic.

It is “set and forget”. You don’t have to babysit it everyday. 

You don’t have to stay up late into the night responding to subscribers one on one. 


You surely don’t have to buy or use more than one phone for email.

2. You may not believe it YET, but it’s very easy to knock an email together. 

Yes, even if you’re the shittiest writer on earth.

All you need to know is a couple simple strategies and you can do it all day everyday.


3. Email converts FAR BETTER than WhatsApp marketing does.

I can hear you saying. . . 

“But That Can’t be True Ronald, Nobody Reads Emails!”

Let me tell you right away, that is not true. And I will prove it to you.

Let’s say you have 20,000 WhatsApp contacts on 3 different phones.

Every time you post a status, from verifiable data and what most WhatsApp marketers in Nigeria have told me, only about 5% of users view it, and even less than that number open your messages.

This means that out of 20000, just around 1,000 pay attention to what you have to say.

Now contrast it with email marketing.

Let’s say you have 10,000 subscribers. Each time you send an email, even if your writing is HORRIBLE, you will get an average of 15% of people on your list opening the emails.

That means you will get 1,500 opens. That means more opens with half the number of WhatsApp contacts.

Now if you have the same amount of email subscribers, 20000, at the same open rate, you will have 3,000 people reading your emails everyday.

And this is if you’re a bad writer.

Think about it. What if you become a great email marketer? 

And how do you get good, so good you get open rates of 25%, 35%, even 40%-50% like I and people like Toyin Omotoso do?

Well, what if I show you exactly how to become a good, then a great email marketer?

Will you be interested in learning how?

Introducing. . .

The Email Marketing Primer TRAINING

I am hosting a 3-Day training which starts on Monday, the 5th of September, 2022 and you’re invited.

For 3 days, I want to teach you everything you need to know about email marketing - how to transition from WhatsApp (so you can get your life and your income back), how to get started, how to get results fast, and how to grow even faster.

Here’s some of what we’ll cover in those three days:


On the first day, you'll. . .

  • Learn My Daily Email Income Strategy  - How to make money with your email list EVERYDAY the sun shines in the sky. (If you want to make money every time you click "send" on email to your list, then you MUST pay attention to this)
  • The true goal of email marketing (understand this one strategy and you'll be able to create online ATMs on demand) 
  • How to COMBINE email and WhatsApp (if you still are madly in love with it) for maximum conversions.
  • The ONE thing you must have in placed IMMEDIATELY you set up your email marketing strategy, if you ever want to make sales (have a sending schedule)
  • The best day of the week to send emails in order to make massive sales (once you know which day it is it’ll make perfect sense and you’ll be kicking yourself for not knowing it earlier.)
  • The best time in the day to send emails in order to make massive sales (once you know what time is best, you’ll watch your open rates and click throughs skyrocket)
  • How to keep your emails out of the twin evil boxes of SPAM and GMail promotions tab
  • How to drill your email list for profits, like a crude oil well.
  • Every email marketing term explained - Autoresponders, Open Rates, Click Through Rates, Conversion, etc.
  • And much more.

And with this first day, we are just getting started, because there’s more on the way.


On the second day, we will go behind the scenes to lift the curtains and I will show you how to begin to set up your very own email marketing system machine.

You will learn:

  • Why you should never self-host your email marketing service, despite any contrary advice you see, read or hear, especially if you’re doing email marketing the first time, and the only time you should even bother to consider it (this will save you many months of frustration, lost time, money and assets)
  • The best autoresponder service to sign up with and which ones to avoid like Covid (I have used at least 8 of them in the last 10 years, and I can tell you the pros and cons of each one)
  • How to create your own in-house email list without spending a single kobo, yes zero. (This works especially if you don't have money to pay monthly for an autoresponder service or if you’re Akubuzo, the miserly cheapskate who doesn't want to spend their money on anything - whichever one it is, this will work for you.)
  • How to create a kick-ass welcome email sequence that gets people to not just love you, but eager to open your emails each time you send them.
  • The 5/7 eMail sequence strategy for setting up a profitable automated email sales series for anything you are selling RIGHT NOW.
  • The only right way in existence, to do email broadcasts and make your list subscribers love you and keep buying from you, EVEN IF you “bombard” them with emails every day.
  • The simple but “no-break” rules for building a killer email opt-in page that gets 40% and above of your website visitors to say YES and join your email list.
  • And much more.


On the third day, which is the final day, we will then go into the psychology, science and art of writing powerful emails that make people send you money.

You will learn:

  • The ultimate secret to getting good at writing email FAST (once I started doing this I found my “voice” and speed of writing improving dramatically while having a SHITLOAD of fun.)
  • How to kick “writer’s block” square in the blokos with the “brain hijack” manoeuvre.
  • The best two types of “first sentences” to use to open an email. (even if the topic is boring , it will be impossible for people for people to stop reading because of the deeply embedded psychological principle behind the method)
  • Why “English Language” is the worst way to write emails if you want to sell and make money
  • The rarely used email type that your subscribers will basically write for you.
  • The exact amount of words your subject line should never go over. (I've never seen a subject line win with more than this amount of words)
  • An "idiot proof" formula for writing a welcome email that cements your customers to you like glue
  • The most important email in your autoresponder and how to write it in 15 minutes
  • How to get an infinite list of email ideas without doing any "research"
  • How to turn ANY event in your life into a profitable email
  • Little-known subject line types that get your emails higher opens, clicks, and SALES than any other. (Plus, the exact formula for how to write them.)
  • And a whole lot more.

There are Two Options for Enrolling in the

E-Mail Marketing Primer Training. . . You Choose Which You Prefer

Before you choose however, you should know one thing…

Knowing how to start and grow a list is probably the single most profitable thing you will ever do as an online business owner, hands down.

So for that reason. . . I believe a good course on email marketing should NOT be dirt-cheap. It’s supposed to be something you earn.

If a few thousands is a lot of money to you, you’re just not at the right stage of your business to use email YET. You should go and get your game up and I’ll be here waiting.

If however you know, you’re “grown up” enough and want to make that move to the next level, then it’s very easy to choose.

You can go with. . .


You simply enroll on this option and you get - 

  • Full Access to the 3-Day training 
  • Replay Access to all Three Days of the Training

Fee to enroll to  Email Marketing Primer Training on this option is =N=50,000

OR. . .


Here’s what you get with this option: 

When you enroll to attend, you also get - 

  • Full Access to the 3-Day training 
  • Replay Access to all Three Days of the Training

But With This Option, You Also Get The Following Bonuses

Bonus #1: 30-Day “Daily Email Income” Bonus Training (via email only) 

For 30 straight days after the Email Marketing Primer training ends, every day, I will send you an email teaching you a deeper aspect of email marketing that produces income at will.

You’ll learn every day how to create emails that turn to money and you can simply just follow along one day at a time for 30 days while watching your income grow literally in front of your eyes.

Bonus #2: Best “Email Marketing Subject Lines” Swipe File

As an email marketer, online or off, if you're not using the proper email subject lines to get your emails opened, your sales are going to suffer.

The number one job of your email headline is to get the reader to open the email, and this bonus, is a master excel file with the best email subject lines collected from different industries and niches, over 300 subject lines that have been proven to get people to click, open emails and take action. 

These subject headlines will help get your email opened and drive your sales message home and I have painstakingly compiled this swipe file, with examples and instructions on how to adapt them to your own use.

Having this list in an excel format will give you an unlimited resource for fast ideas and email subject lines.

Bonus #3: 337 “First Line Attention Getters” Swipe List

You have a great headline, and you've worked hard to get your readers to OPEN your email.

Now, you have to keep them reading your sales message.

The first line of your email is more important than you think, because if you can't get your reader's attention in the first few words of your email, you'll lose your potential prospect forever.

The most significant mistake I see most email marketers make is making the first sentence too long and too boring. I place great importance on the first few words of my email messages.

And I've compiled a collection of 337 of my best first-line openings from my own emails and the ones I have gotten over the last 19 years since I got started online.

No more guessing for you on what to say on the first line.

You'll have them all here in one file to review, modify, and steal, saving you time and effort.

Bonus #4: 199 “Transitional Connector Statements” Swipe File

Students ask me, "Ronald, how do you convert your email story into your sales pitch without sounding like it's a scam or sleazy?"

It’s by using TRANSITIONS and it’s a secret that took me years to figure out. These days it comes naturally to me. 

Transitions in your copy is the key to getting your reader into your offer.

And without you making an offer, none of your readers is going to buy what you have to sell.

However it's easy when you have the right words.

Transitioning from a story to the actual selling of your product or service is like building a bridge. Knowing what building materials to make your bridge out of is the key. 

With this swipe file, you'll have 199 building blocks of the best transition examples I use or seen others use to sell millions of dollars worth of products.

Bonus #5: 91 “Call-To-Action” Swipe File

If you’re in love with a member of the opposite sex, and you don't figure out a way to ask your love interest out on a date you'll die lonely, because if you don't ask, you don't get.

Incredibly, all it takes is 6 seconds of insane courage. In marketing and sales, it’s the same.

You must call your reader to action!

What do you say? For most people, that’s hard. For me, it's easy. For you, it will be easy too because now you will own my top 91 call-to-action commands. 

You can ask the reader to respond, ask your reader to call, ask your reader to click here, or ask your reader to BUY!

In this call to action swipe, you'll see new ways to ask your reader to take action that are exciting, different and will gain attention.

My 91 different ways to call-to-actions are yours to modify, use, and steal for your own email marketing.

That's Not All... I Am Giving What I Call... 

Super Bonus: Personal Email Marketing System Critique

The Super Bonus is my personal critique of your entire email set up.

Here's what that means.

Whenever you are done using what I teach you in the three days class, and the 30 Days "Daily Email Income Training" to set up your email marketing system, you can invite me to take a look at it, make corrections, without any extra charge.

I almost never ever do critiques because they are very time-consuming, and most people are not ready to implement anyway, so only take this option if you are ready to use what you learn in this training. 

So go ahead and sign up below.

You need to hurry because.. . . 

OPTION TWO Is Limited 

to Just 20 People

l am limiting this option to the first 10 people who choose it because of this bonus because it will require a significant amount of my personal time.

This makes it almost impossible that I extend it to everyone.

So if you want this option, you have to move FAST.

That's it. There you go.

What you do next is up to you.

I am giving you the keys to the kingdom.

Take it.

OPTION 1 - Basic


  • Full Access to the 3-Day training
  • Replay Access to all three Days


  • Full Access to the 3-Day training
  • Replay Access to all three Days
  • 30-Day “Daily Email Income” Bonus Training (via email only)
  • Best “Email Marketing Subject Lines” Swipe File
  • 337 “First Line Attention Getters” Swipe List
  • 199 “Transitional Connector Statements” Swipe File
  • 91 “Call-To-Action” Swipe File
  • Personal Email System Critique

I am limiting this option to the first 10 people who choose it because of the 

Having an email list changed my career completely.

So there you go.

What you do next is up to you.

I am giving you the keys to the kingdom.

Take it.

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