"How A Tiny Jar of Yellow Cream Made Me Millions, Paid For A House and Became my First Breakthrough Online Business Product"

Dear Friend,

If you are interested in starting a widely profitable business here in Nigeria, here’s my suggestion…

Do E-Commerce.

What is e-commerce and why should you care.

E-Commerce is simple. 

You sell REAL physical products to real human beings who need those products to solve their problems, and when you do,  they will GLADLY pay you a lot of money.

Like this product.

My name is Ronald Nzimora and in 2012 (that was 11 years ago), I was browsing though the popular online forum, Nairaland.

While I was there, I landed on what you would call a GOLDMINE.

I found a post where there were a lot of women were in the comments asking how they could remove stretch marks from their body.

It gave me an idea.

That idea was to sell them a cream they could rub on their skin and remove the marks.

So I jumped on Alibaba which is a site you can find products, searched for “stretch mark cream” and this product,  Pasjel, popped out..

I messaged the one company selling it and asked how much. They said it was $2 a jar, so I ordered 100. 

I imported it into the country, did. website for it, and started advertising it.

I didn’t even think of it too much. I just used the first price that came to mind. ₦15,000.

One hour after I started running the advert for it, I got an alert for ₦15,000. 


In about one month I sold them all 100 jars I imported.

So I ordered 300 more. 

Again sales went through the roof.

After that I ordered 500 units.

And on and on.

By the end of that year, I had sold over 6,000 units of Pasjel and it paid for a one house I got.

Today, we (my company, KAIROS Naturals) has a range of products now currently doing 8 figures each and

Here’s The Deal…

Even though I made a boatload of money selling Pasjel, I also made a lot of stupid mistakes.

Because of what I know today, I now know I could have made 10 times more money with that product.

Thankfully those mistakes I never repeated again. And since then, it’s been a beautiful business to do.

– Lots of customers

– They have money in their hand

And. . . 

– They are willing to pay NOW!

Selling physical products a.k.a. e-commerce is an easy peasy business model to do if you know your way around and willing to do a little bit of work.

It’s my bread and butter. I know it like I know the back of my hand.

If you want to learn, I am willing to show you how to do it.

High Profit ECommerce

High Profit ECommerce is a new training (the first of its kind) where I will share with you

The most exciting yet kept secrets you will ever need to grow an ecommerce business to 100 million Naira.

But, here’s a warning: Before you request to be part of this training, you better know some of the secrets that will be revealed in it.

You see, the last time I held a training like this was in 2019 and I have attendees who implemented now doing 9-figures yearly in their own businesses

And for the last time, I have decided to walk anyone who wants to start an ecommerce business in Nigeria from the beginner level to the pro stage.

So, if you think you’re already a pro and don’t need to go through the foundation of building a profitable business 

or you see it as a waste of time, you probably should NOT be part of this training

To help you decide if this training is for you or not, here are some of the secrets that will be revealed in it:

✔ 4 ordinary people doing =N=100 – =N=500 million a year with E-Commerce here in Nigeria

(I will show you their websites, their sales funnels, and explain their entire process FREE)

✔ How to get “affiliates” to sell your products without as much as lifting a finger (this one will blow your mind)

✔ Why 2023 and beyond is the best time to do e-commerce

✔ Most E-Commerce products are loss makers in disguise – I will show you how to choose a product that will actually make you rich

✔ E-Commerce math – The only way to see an atom of profit in E-Commerce.

Miss this and you will be a slave working for Chinese manufacturers, the Nigerian Government, and Delivery Companies.

✔ How to turn =N=100,000 to =N=1 Million in ECommerce, and then turn that =N=1 Million into =N=100 Million in 12-24 months tops.

✔ The 4 critical factor points that will make or break any E-Commerce business.

Pay attention to them and you will succeed. Ignore them, and you definitely fail. This is not a threat. It is a promise.

✔ Why you MUST ignore whatever happens on Jumia and Konga if you want to make it BIG in E-Commerce in Nigeria

✔ The biggest profit killer in E-Commerce and how to eliminate it with one simple action (ignore this and you wont make any money)

✔ Poor E-Commerce niches vs. Rich E-Commerce niches -how to identify which one is which so you don’t waste your time and your limited funds on ideas that will end up at zero

✔ How to find EVERGREEN products to sell

✔ The 10 UNBREAKABLE commandments of product sourcing and how to not commit a “sin” with any of them!

✔ Why sourcing eCommerce products locally is foolish game and what to do instead to import directly from abroad and still keep your costs down

(My student ignored this advice and lost =N=30 million. He said, “Mr Ronald, I should have listened to you”)

✔ The Top 14 profitable ECommerce niches to sell in here in Nigeria

✔ Would you like to source a product for $15 and sell it for $200?

I will show you how to find such products.

I will even give you three examples that have made over =N=500 Million each for our clients in the last one year.

(Yes, I will show you the products, the sales funnels, everything)

✔ How to write advertisements that make people buy your products… without doing much thinking.

I will show you where to find ads, sales letters and any other marketing content you need, no matter what product you have to sell, till you choke.

(I mean, why write from scratch when you can model other people who already did it before you?)

✔ How to determine if a market is large enough for you to make money so that you don’t waste all your time selling to it

✔ How to ship a product from China to Nigeria for les than it will cost you to buy it in the local market (Yes, I have WAYS!)

✔ How to make NAFDAC, SON, FIRS and other aggressive regulatory agency issues your friends,

and avoid their wahala, even if your product isn’t certified. (No, you will not have to bribe them at all.)

✔ Selling to other countries is a great way to double, sometimes even triple your sales and profit.

But be warned! There is a right way and a wrong way to do it.

I will show you how to sell to other African countries, which African countries to sell to and how to get profitable doing it.

This one, you will not find in all those high priced =N=25,000 and up courses.

✔ The four wholesale website you can import any product for 50% cheaper than Alibaba

(1688 is not part of my list)
, and the only time you should consider ignoring Alibaba and using them.

✔ The proper way to set up your marketing process to sell eCommerce products.

You will LOSE at least 50% of your potential sales if you do it wrong.

Take it from me, someone who has made the same mistake several times and now learned my lesson.

✔ How to use Facebook, X (formerly known as Twitter). Instagram and Google to Sell 500 – 1,000 units of your products every single week.

✔ How to use the MOST ignored parts of every advertisement to sell more products,

WITHOUT spending any extra money
, just maybe your time.

✔ Want to start selling 100, 200, 500, even 1,000 units of your products at the same time?

Want to know the secret?

Who wouldn’t?

I will reveal the two ways I use to sell multiple hundreds of the same products at the same time.

(This one, you will love because it’s easier to sell 100s of products at once, than doing it one by one)

✔ How to sell your products without spending a single kobo of your own money, GUARANTEED.

(No it’s not by spamming people’s comments or posting “my customer is on your TL” all over social media)

✔ The biggest headache in ECommerce in Nigeria and how to overcome it.

(99% of the people in ECommerce think they know the answer to this but they don’t and it shows in their results.

I will make you aware what this problem is and then show you how to solve it permanently, once and for all)

✔ How I average an 80%-90% successful delivery rate on my “pay on delivery” products.

Ask anyone, nobody in this industry comes close to our delivery rates. Now you can copy our model.

✔ The five strategies for building an enduring e-Commerce brand that your grandchildren will inherit.

Trust me no course has this one. you will get to see my plan.

✔  The Secret Website: This is where you can find hundreds of ECommerce products BEFORE anyone in the country finds them.

(It’s not 1688, it’s not Spy Tools, and no it’s not Tiktok. I don’t even think I should reveal this one. We’ll see how it goes).

This is how ECommerce KINGS like me use to get the killer advantage while everybody else is killing themselves competing with and selling the same lousy product.

✔ And so much more.

OK, You’ve just read a fairly complete description of what you will learn when you partake in this remarkable training.

And it only costs ₦15,000…and…it is guaranteed to change your life forever.

This training will be called “Ecom Domination Bootcamp: How To Grow An Ecommerce Business From 100k to 100 million Even as a Complete Beginner”

and every day you’ll receive a video to implement (we started September 4th, 2023 and still ongoing) and you will be able to access previous videos on your unique dashboard even if you miss them.

Here’s another thing to be aware of: The price will keep increasing as more videos and content are added. 

What this means is that, the best time to get on this training is today if you don’t want to join at a higher fee.

My goal is to empower as many as possible to build a life that doesn’t keep you impoverished and at the mercy of the government. Hence the tiny fee you’d have to invest today.

This Offer Expires in


ONLY ₦15,000

How To Make Payment?

Simply click on the red button below and you’ll be taken to a page to fill in your details and create an account

And then you can make payment via paystack to gain instant access to the training without sending messages or speaking to anyone, even if it is 2am in the morning.

Fast Action Bonuses

For the first 100 people to sign up for this training you’d also receive 3 exclusive bonuses;

You’ll receive a 3 step funnel template with a video showing you exactly how to edit the funnel to fit whatever product you want to sell

This training will show you how to run profitable Facebook ads so you don’t end up wasting money and just making zuck rich.

Discover the secret to effortlessly persuading any company to customize 50 to 100 of any products you wish to import under your unique brand name, absolutely FREE.

And should you find yourself in a tight spot where no company is willing to do it for because of the product type, learn how to master the art of doing it yourself.

(This way no one can ever sell the same thing as you. Your product will be a unique 1 of 1)

Spots Left

ONLY ₦15,000

To your success

Ronald Nzimora

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Just People Like You

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