"Ronald", he said.
"I Will Take You By The Hand
and Teach You Business"

I was a young, wet-behind-the-ears entrepreneur trying to find my way in the world when I met my mentor, Dr. Emmanuel Ojeagbase in 2009.

Then he said again, he told me, "I will also promote you."

That was when my life changed.

In the years since then, I have co-founded two very successful businesses, Digital Nexus Interactive, a boutique digital marketing agency, and, Buywell Properties Limited, a property marketing and development company.

I have learnt tons and have fashioned from the plethora of ideas and strategies I have gleaned doing these a unique blend of actionable lessons anyone starting a business in Africa can use, especially from scratch, can use.

I started with only =N=960 ($8 at the time), a borrowed laptop, and a dream.

Today our businesses sell in excess of =N=35 billion naira ($70 million) a year, exclusively online, for our clients and ourselves.

I Will Teach You Business shares the lessons I have learnt since starting on the entrepreneurship pathway 17 years ago.

If you are not born rich, have no privileges, and want to start and grow a business to huge heights, while competing against and besting big brands with almost unlimited budgets, while doing things differently and smarter, this is the book to read.

If you do not have a financial safety net, every business venture you undertake is with your own money and you have to be profitable from Day 1, because it's either WIN or DIE. 

I Will Teach You Business is the book to read to WIN.

My goal is to teach. I hope you learn.

My brand new Book, I Will Teach You Business explores everything you need to start a business small, and grow it to extraordinary heights leveraging the internet.

Here's what you'll learn inside when you crack it open:

Part 1 – How To Create The Foundation For Success

Chapter 1: No Excuse Is Good, Or Enough

Chapter 2: The Starting Point Of Making Money

Chapter 3: How To Discover Your Why And Manifest Your Success Everyday

Chapter 4: The Only True Way To Create Money

Chapter 5: Four Types of Entrepreneurs

Part 2 – I Will Teach You Business

Chapter 6: The Lessons My Billionaire Mentor Taught Me And How They Helped Turn Me Into A  Multi-Millionaire Today

Chapter 7: You Are One Skill Away From =N=1 Million A Month In Income

Chapter 8: The Seven Skills For Wealth Creation

Chapter 9: How To Choose The Perfect Business Model For You

Chapter 10: How To Choose An Elegant Business Model That’s Simple, Fast, And Profitable

Chapter 11: How To Come Up With A Million-Naira Business Idea In Less Than 10 Minutes

Chapter 12: How Set Up Your Business The Right Way

Chapter 13: How To Create Profitable Products And Services In Weeks, Instead of Months Or (God Forbid) Years

Chapter 14: The Only Three Things That Make A Business Successful

Chapter 15: How To Create A Buying Frenzy For Your Business And Create Buying Happy Customers Forever

Chapter 16: The Four Types Of Buyers In Any Business

Chapter 17: Which Type of Business Mogul Are You Destined To Be?

Part 3 – Internet Business Models That Work 

Chapter 18: Information Publishing - How To sell You Brain, Still Keep It And Make Millions Every Month Doing So

Chapter 19: Affiliate Marketing - How To Get Paid To sell Other People’s Products and Services

Chapter 20: Freelancing - The “Lazy” Man’s Way To Earning An Income Online

Chapter 21: Ecommerce Branding - How To Resell Physical Products For “Mucha” Dough

Chapter 22: Cash Consulting – How To Sell Advice For Millions To Companies and Individuals Online and Offline

Chapter 23: Blogging to The Bank – How To Make Money Online With Written Content

Chapter 24: YouTube Millions – How To Make Money Shooting

Chapter 25: Network Marketing Success - How To Do Network Marketing The Right Way Online And Make A Ton of Money

Part 4 – Tools of the trade

Chapter 26: How To Write A High Converting Advert

Chapter 27: How To Write A 50% Opt-In Page

Chapter 28: How To Write A Pre-Sell That Rocks Every Single Time

Chapter 29: How To Write A Killer High-Converting Salesletter

Chapter 30: How To Create A Profitable Webinar Every Single Time You Try

Chapter 31: How To “Architect” a VSL That Makes People Buy

Chapter 32: How To Design A High Converting Sales Funnel

Chapter 33: How To Create an Autoresponder List

Chapter 34: How To Get Traffic

Chapter 35: Learning Never Stops

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I hope you enjoy reading it, as much as I enjoyed writing it, but even more, I cannot wait to celebrate and drink a glass of champagne to the business success you win by doing so.


Ronald Nzimora