BELOW: See How I Plan to Make 2024 My Best Year Ever - And How You Too Can Find Out And Copy Every Single Strategy That I Am Deploying To Make This Come True

From the desk of Ronald Nzimora

Awka, Anambra State

Dear Friend,

It’s a fact.

2024 is less than one month away.

And I am sure even for a little bit, there’s a question at the back of your mind saying, How will 2024 be for me? Good, bad? Better than 2023? Great beyond my wildest dreams?

If you've ever wondered what the coming year has in store for you and you know that you do not know, ...

This is your rare opportunity to take a peek behind the curtain and see how I create miraculous years before they start, so you can copy me and do the same thing.

You see, at the end of every year I take the last two weeks to go to a quiet place, a resort or just my home town, to think and plan out the year.

I have been doing this for over 13 years now, and it’s a big 

This year however, I drew up my plan TWO MONTHS IN ADVANCE.


Because the situation called for it.

In case you haven’t noticed, this country is going to the dogs.

  • An illegitimate Govt is in place.
  • Members of the National Assembly are chanting a song praising the illegitimate President in their chambers rather than sing the National anthem.
  • The economy is in shambles, with the dollar going from ₦145 - ₦1,320 in the last 8 years.
  • Food prices have skyrocketed an astonishing 1,500%
  • Fuel prices went up 300%
  • Skilled people - doctors, lawyers, engineers, even teachers, are leaving the country and relocating abroad in their thousands.
  • Insecurity is rife, with kidnappings and terrorism at an all-time high.

Why is it necessary that I point out these things?

Because in case you haven’t clocked it yet…

If You Do Not Have a Plan For
Making a Shitload of Money in 2024, You Will Most Likely Suffer Greatly

I do not say this with any form of animosity, or wish you any ill will.

I just want to impress on you how urgent the current situation is.

Because one thing I know for sure from observing those in my circle and my friends in high places, is every single one of them, they are making plans!

So Here's My Plan for 2024...

In 2024, I plan to get each of my businesses to make at least =N=100 Million in Profit by December 31st, 2024.

Yes =N=100 million at the very least.

Now, I currently run a company in the USA. And two in Nigeria.

The company in the USA is fine. It runs on autopilot, and makes a ton.

The ones in Nigeria are what I am talking about.

So while I was drawing my plans for my Nigerian businesses, I thought to myself, would people who follow me on social media be interested in knowing what my plans are, let me ask them.

That’s why I made this post asking if you’d be interested in knowing what I had planned…

And you guys said YES!

So here we are.


The “How To Make 2024 Your Best Year Ever” Training - If I Wanted to Make =N=100 Million in 2024, This Is EXACTLY How I Would Do It

This is, obviously, a PRICELESS OPPORTUNITY...

Because I'm NOT talking about a course or book or program for public consumption...

No. This is all PRIVATE.  For my followers only. It will never be advertised.

And, right now, your rare opportunity to come behind closed-doors with us.

You'll witness me lay out in great detail, step y step, how I plan to make 2024 obey me in every way possible.

You'll watch me laying-out the finer points... which few people know... for developing real money-making ideas, product concepts, marketing strategies…

And anything else which I feel is wildly valuable for you to see and understand so 2024 can be your best year ever.

At the end of the training, you’ll have in your hand, several blueprints, and maps of LEGIT pro-level business methods for producing money on demand.

This is the stuff nobody is talking about or teaching publicly. 

(Likely because... they just don't know it. But, I do. And, of course, I'm sharing it with my circle.)

Here’s some of what we’re covering in the training session…

  • The 3 best business models to get into in 2024 and how to work each one and the only 2 I am going to focus on in 2024.
  • My mathematical breakdown, to the very last kobo, of how each of these businesses will generate ₦100 Million (and more) in profit each year.
  • How I plan to start one of those businesses with less than 200k (and how even a total dunce can do it)
  • The four WINNING mindsets I take on each year to reach maximum success (as every wealthy person knows, making money starts in the head first before it manifests in your hand, bank account and pocket)
  • The ONE THING that will guarantee you failure in 2024. (Eliminate it and nothing in this world except grave illness and death can stop you).
  • The only three marketers (I have deleted books, articles, courses and unsubscribed from emails belonging to any other marketer except these three people. You will learn who they are)
  • How I plan to spend lesser and lesser on advertising, while making more and more money in 2024 (This is one of the biggest things I will be doing in 2024 to transform my income, and guess what, it costs almost zero to set it up)
  • The three traffic sources I am focusing on for 2024. 1 is paid and the other two are FREE. (You'll also learn why the best traffic is not for sale and can’t be bought on Facebook, Google, or anywhere else... but you can get it and get lots of it right away if you do this….
  • The second most important business activity you should be doing in 2024 to increase your income (No, it’s not marketing)

And this is just the tip of the iceberg...

You'll also watch me show my team how to deploy the advanced tactics I use with the campaigns I'm personally setting-up... 

...the stuff far too sophisticated to be published in any public course or book.

The same sophisticated techniques other marketing experts shell-out big money to have me show them for their own campaigns. 

Advanced strategies like...

  • Idea generation and framing...
  • Mafia Offer creation
  • "Income Sequencing"...
  • How to guarantee you make money EVERY single day of the year.

And so much much more!

And This Is Your Chance To

See Everything I'll Be Using, 
To Make 2024 Great!

And have me help you develop you into a top tier business owner and marketer as well.

Again, you'll get the same instructions and training I'm using for myself... in 2024.

The best of the best. 

And if you're even just reasonably savvy...

You'll not only make a heck of a lot more money from what I will be showing you in this training in 2024... you're likely to become a legit super online business player. 

Because just like that, you'll possess business and marketing chops few are able to rival.

You'll have in your hands information that not only move the needle in your business in big ways, when you do deploy it, you'll see that what I have given you is on a whole different level. 

And the impact on your income? 

Sky's the limit.

Here's How You Can Get It All!

On Saturday, 9th of December 2023, I will host a LIVESTREAM class teaching the “How To Make 2024 Your Best Year Ever” Training.

Immediately you enroll, you will get an email with the link to this training which you can click on and join on that day.

The time it starts is exactly 8 P.M. on the dot.

It will run for at least 3 Hours and at the end we will have a Question/Answer session.

Immediately the session ends, you'll also get a secret link to the raw recording... within just hours after we wrap.

And we don't edit-out anything from these recordings. 

So you'll see and hear everything I share.

And you'll see right away. . . these private sessions are NO fluff. . . NO fancy slides. . . 

NO posturing or white-washed advice. . .

Obviously, I don't care about any of that stuff when training anyone. 

Nor do I care about making these private training sessions fancy or flashy.

I care about one thing. . . 

THE SUBSTANCE -- giving my guys the best, most actionable business and marketing gems to deploy right away to bring-in a lot more sales.

So I pull no punches. . .

And if you know me well, you already know that I say it like it is. 

So you'll see right away. . . this training session is. . .

Intense, Balls To The Wall,

Hardcore Business Moves

From Minute One!

And these training sessions are why, today, so many experts are buzzing about how my team is pumping-out some of the most profitable campaigns in our industry. 

(This is also why many of the best marketers online are now on our list... soaking-up every drop of our knowledge) 

And this is your shot to come behind the velvet curtain with us, and devour the same training.

Fact is: 

If you don't already recognize how quickly this will have upgraded your IQ and your life by this time next year... as well as pump money in. . . this is NOT for you. . . 

And you can stop reading and move on. 

If, on the other hand, you do recognize the enormous opportunity here in getting these recordings every week, then. . .

Claim Your Access to My 

How To Make 2024 Your Best Year Ever” Training
and Get These FREE BONUSES
(NOT offered or available anywhere else.)


My 2024 Marketing Calendar

I have created a marketing calendar for 2024 for my business.

This is the marketing calendar I and my team will be using to push our products everywhere on the internet next year.

It’s a 365-Day calendar with copy and paste promotional ideas for the entire year.

It is entirely social media friendly and ready to use with daily, weekly and monthly themes for your marketing campaigns.

With this calendar, you will uniquely position yourself and your business as a ‘fun’ company.

Putting out unusual ways to get new clients to buy from you the first time and past clients to buy again and again, without spending a ton of money.

Inside you’ll find hundreds of promotional ideas included created to cause cash flow surges in your business.


Ronald's "Big 7" Marketing Books:

"The PRIVATE Reading List 

Ronald Requires Every Business Person

To Read If They Want Lasting Success"

This is the required reading list I give to the people closest to me.

But it's no ordinary list. 

I call it the Big SEVEN...

Because the seven books on this list… many which most entrepreneurs have NEVER HEARD OF… are the most impactful for transforming yourself into a high-level business owner. 

These are the best of the best. 

In fact, of my entire library, these seven books are the most precious, the most treasured. 

For good reason. . .

Because with just these seven books alone, you can develop seriously potent business and sales-producing acumen. 

That's why these are required reading by every member of my marketing team.

And now you'll know them too.

Including the order to read them in!

So there you have it. . .

Your Moment To Look
Behind The Stage Curtain

This is a rare opportunity for you to profit from the same high-level tactics, strategies, training, and methods I'll be PRIVATELY using in 2024. . .

As well as your chance to own the most precious internal resources... so essential... I require my whole marketing team to go through them.

Starting today, right now. . .

You'll enjoy access to the true insider business strategies NOT shared publicly by any other expert or coach.

You'll develop a marketing IQ and sales-plan for the new year few will be able to rival. (Least of all... your competitors!)

And you'll most certainly gain the know-how to produce an astonishing amount of money from your business activities in 2024.

Now it's time act. . .


  • LIVESTREAM SEAT for Ronald's “How To Make 2024 Your Best Year Ever” Training (+ the Recording after it ends)
  • FREE: Ronald's 2024 Marketing Calendar
  • FREE: "BIG 7" Required Reading List

A ₦150,000 Value for…
ONLY ₦14,990

Act now! Ronald's gearing-up for this training and it is just days away. You don't want to miss it.


Ronald :-)

P.S. You already know I bring the heat in my trainings.

Imagine what I do... and show... and share... internally, with my own team, when my own personal money, reputation, and livelihood are truly on the line.

Now... you'll see it all.

And I have zero doubt, you're not only going to love knowing what my 2024 plans are. . .

You're also going to find the raw actionable insights refreshing and energizing. . .

Because for the first time ever you're finally getting the real-deal stuff shared behind the scenes between an expert and his team.

But, you want to sign-up now so you don't miss-out on it.. 

It’s just days away.

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Act now! Ronald's gearing-up for this training and it is just days away. You don't want to miss it.

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