“I Started A Business With =N=960, A Borrowed Laptop and Some Faith... Then I Turned It Into Over =N=50 Million Each Year Today"

How did I do It? On this page, I reveal everything

My name is Ronald Nzimora and 14 years ago, I started a business with just =N=960.

Yes, just =N=960.

I know it sounds unbelievable, maybe too far-fetched, but it’s true.

My first business was burning free PLR e-books and rare but hard-to-find public domain material onto CDs and hawking them in seminar venues, here in Lagos Nigeria.

The first time, I bought a case of 100 CDs for =N=550, 100 transparent CD jackets for =N=100, printed the titles of the documents onto a sheet and photocopied them for =N=50 (so I could insert them into the CD jackets), borrowed my sister’s laptop which I used to burn the CDs and then transported myself around Lagos.

My first day, I sold 48 CDs for =N=1,000. Since then, I have not looked back.

Fast forward to 2022, I have built 2 successful businesses that make over =N=50 million a year.

Sometimes it feels like a dream, considering where I started from – a University dropout, with only =N=960 in his pocket.

But enough about me…

Let’s Talk About You

If you’re reading this page, it’s because you either:

  • Want to start a business that becomes successful, one that helps you fulfill all your dreams and reach all your lofty goals.


  • You have already one.

No matter which it is,

You Are In Great Luck.


Because you see, you are at the right door. I have done both.

I have started many businesses that failed and through blood, sweat and tears over the years, learnt how to structure and build businesses that now make millions each year.

And I did it, with no rich parents, no Godfather. Just faith, hustle and having an inquisitive mind.

And I want to help you do the same thing.

I Know What You’re Thinking Right Now…

“Yeah right, Ronald, You just want to help me out of the goodness of your heart?”

Yes and No.

Yes, because I have a deep passion to help other people grow in the field of business. Business saved me from poverty and I know how much it can change someone’s life if it is done right.

No, because well, I am a business man. I am not just teaching you because I want to spend all my time teaching.

I am also teaching you because I have...

Two Selfish Reasons.

  • 1
    The more I teach, the more I stay sharper, smarter and ahead of my competitors.
  • 2
    The more I teach, the more I stay sharper, smarter and ahead of my competitors.
  • 3
    One of my businesses is a an educational company focused on helping business owners start and grow their business.

My hope is that if I can help you become better, then you will soon buy our consulting packages and become a client of ours.


This is why today I invite you to…

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Why are we collecting those three things?

Because I want to be able to address you by name, (it brings us closer) and I want to be able to send you a text message if I urgently need to send you an urgent message or breaking news and also to email you each time I have new content.

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I look forward to seeing you on the inside.

I cannot wait to teach you all I know about starting, building and growing a successful business.

To your success.

Ronald Nzimora

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